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Three or more free spins icons anywhere on the screen will trigger free spins. Three or more Free Spins icons trigger 15 Free Spins; Aplay free spin icons launch 25 free spins; five or more trigger 50 free spins. The gorilla symbol is wild with a 2x multiplier for normal play and 3x for a super round. The wild symbol expands to fill the entire reel whenever possible to form a winning combination. Three or more dinosaur bonus symbols anywhere on the screen will trigger a bonus round. During a free spin game, three or more free spin icons trigger a super round that has an increased wild multiplier. Only the biggest winnings are paid out on the selected line. All wins multiplied by coins per line, except for wastes. When in game, click the "Help" button in the lower left corner for more information on the rules of the game. The ancient Aztecs were a powerful tribe that ruled most of central America. These fierce warriors dominated between five and six million people, forcing them to pay expensive offerings. Suffice it to say that they have amassed a tremendous amount of wealth and now it is time for you to meet them and try to take their treasures. Spin the reels of this 20-line slot and try to line up Aztec queens, growling jaguars and Aplay's golden pendants, courage could be rewarded with enough wealth to build a Aplay empire of its own. Go ahead and conquer. Descend into sunny Mexico where horchata continues to flow and the good times never end. The desert landscape awaits you, and if you are brave of its harsh climates, you will find a guy in a poncho and sombrero waiting for you. It will play some soothing tunes and help you escape the heat. So, while you listen to your friend's Aplay melodies, spin the reels on this sizzling Aplay slot for a chance of big wins. Caution: These little peppers are hot, and if you're not careful, they'll make you go completely substitute. Grab Aplay a lucky talisman and make Aplay way to china for a chance to pocket all the treasures that 8 lucky charms have to offer. Wilds, scatters, multipliers and bonus rounds on the reels in the form of tigers, dragons, lucky cats and yin-yang symbols in this red and gold loaded slot game. Tigers even turn into dragons when used in a winning lineup. All the while, flute and zither play traditional music over the backdrop of Chinese temples in a game that rewards good luck with big payoffs. You're off to racing, so it's best to make sure you have Aplay binoculars and a mint julep on hand, because in a derby in town and you don't want to miss out on the top three contenders, everyone is fighting for the big jackpot, in thoroughbred racing for the big wins are really the best and the fiercest of the party, so go ahead and place your bets on the budapest gambit, brine or lucy in the sky. What's more, if you do it in the bonus round, you will be raking in coins and roses! Go for this big prize pool because there is nothing like the taste of winning a derby. Get ready to bend all the laws of physics as Aplay knows them and travel through time as you take on the role of a genius (but possibly mad) scientist who whipped up his own, fully functional time machine. That's right, you will be traveling in three different time zones: past, present and future. In each of these time zones, you will embark on all sorts of adventures, make new friends and, with some luck, scoring some great rewards for warping your time. With stellar graphics, engaging storyline and all the free spins of the Aplay time-traveling heart can handle, you'll zoom through the reels in this addictive i-slot ™ and collect scores of wins along the Aplay travels. As you progress through this game, the images and symbols will change because there are three unique rounds. You will start in the present, move on to the past, and then finish in the future. Access the paytable within the game itself for detailed information about the features and symbols that apply to the stage of the game you are currently in. Hop aboard the most lucrative train ride! This fast moving 5 reel slot machine is just what you need to let the Aplay adventurous spirit soar and isolates the Aplay travels with a lot of money. Just stay on the good side of Conductor Casey Jones and he'll start giving away free spins and multipliers so you can ride that choo-choo train all the way to shore!

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